Finally we found a copy of Maximum Rocknroll fanzine (#333 - Feb. 2011)! In this issue you can find a review of HHL's third album "Without Us They Don't Exist!", so...this is what the review says:

HOMO HOMINI LUPUS - "Without Us They Don't Exist!" CD

Mixing elements of grind and hardcore with crusty death metal, this record is a little schizophrenic but comes out sounding pretty good. The name of the band is old Latin saying "an is a wolf to man", which I always thought was pretty metal. If listening to TERRORIZER with a hardcore influence sounds good than you might like this band. I do. HOMO HOMINI LUPUS is from Croatia but most of the songs are in English and lyrical content focuses on radical leftist politics. I don't know if this band is a bunch of punks playing metal styles but the lyrics point that way. My personal favorite song title is "The Only Church That Illuminates Is a Burning Church". (BL) (DHP-AK47)