Album Cover
"In Crust We Grind Decade 2014" - split LP with GELO
Homo Homini Lupus
Released: 15.07.2014
Label: PopesAss/Dingleberry/Fucking Kill/Sumoggu/NeanderthalStench/AngryVoice/PowerFromHell/Ravachol/BlBrig
Track Listing
1 Sentenced To Failure
2 Abolishing The Borders
3 Organized Selfishness
4 No Mercy For You
5 Screams From The Closet
6 The Ruling Recipe
7 Scavenger

Liner Notes

Recorded at Ja Sam Gluh Studio, in various session from April 2013 to February 2014.
Engineered by Jule.
Bass parts recorded at La Tencia Studio, June 2013.
Engineered by Vigor.
Mixed and Mastered @Kut Sobe by Jakic.
Produced by Jakic and HHL.

On this record HHL are:
Dragan - Bass/Vocals
Luze - Drums/Vocals
Mirko - Guitar

Guest appearance by Ivo Petrovic, acoustic and electric guitars on Scavenger.
Recorded at Metal House, Vinkuran May 2013.